How to Reach Andaman

Tourists and travelers do not have to worry to reach Andaman Islands now-a-days. The mainland of India is properly connected with the archipelago. Many ships and flights are continuously linking them. If you are thinking of sightseeing in Andaman Islands you have to gather first the full knowledge on how to reach there.

As the mainland is separated from the islands by Bay of Bengal, roadway or railway are not the options you can make. The only two ways for transaction with the islands are airway and seaway.

  • Roadway and Railway

From throughout the India or globe, tourists can travel to Andaman by arriving at Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai or Vishakhapatnam on trains and bus, car or any mean of roadways. And then they have to book a flight or ship from these places.image credit:

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  • Airways

Flights of different airlines are constantly launching and landing from and at the different airports of mainland of India and the Port Blair Airport in Andaman. Taking an airplane will be very comfortable and time-saving for you. It takes hardly around 2-3 hours to arrive at Port Blair. But you cannot have a direct flight to Andaman anywhere else except the airports of Kolkata, Chennai and Delhi. All the direct flights take off from these three places and land there too. If you book a flight from any other place, the airplane will fly to Andaman via these cities.

There are times of those flights of different airlines that are most favorite and popular amongst people for comfortable journey and less travel-duration. Except for Delhi, the airplanes taking off from other two cities provide one-way trip image credit:




imagecredit: makemytrip

Airlines Take off Time Journey Duration
Jet Airways 5:25 am 2h 10m
Air India 5:50 am 2h 10m
GoAir 8:35 am 2h 20m
SpiceJet 12:10 pm 2h 10m




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Airlines Take off Time Journey Duration
Jet Airways 2:30 am 5h 05m
GoAir 5:50 am 5h 05m
SpiceJet 6:55 am 7h 20m
SpiceJet 9:20 am 5h 00m




image credit: indiatvnews

Airlines Take off Time Journey Duration
Air India 5:10 am 2h 10m
GoAir 8:15 am 2h 15m
Jet Airways 11:30 am 2h 10m
SpiceJet 12:05 pm 2h 10m


[Database is taken from, you can visit the website for further details]


  • Seaway


image credit:ibnlive

It takes lot more time to travel by ships than flights and it’s less comfortable too. You will have to spend 50 to 60 hours to reach Port Blair on ship from Kolkata, Chennai and Vishakhapatnam. Passenger ships are available in a regular basis. According to an average count, 3 or 4 passenger ships are launched from Chennai and Kolkata per month and 1 from Vishakhapatnam. The ships anchor at Port Blair for about 2 days before returning back.

Here is a chart about the time to complete a journey on ship from different cities and underneath that there are the names of the ships –

Route Journey-duration Distance
Kolkata to Port Blair 66 hrs approx 1255 kms
Chennai 60 hrs approx 1190 kms
Vishakhapatnam 56 hrs approx 1200 kms


The name of the passenger ships in your service:

  • M. V. Swaraj Dweep
  • M. V. Nancowry
  • M. V. Nicobar
  • M. V. Campbell Bay
  • M. V. Harshvardhana
  • M. V. Akbar

For more information about the ship or booking, you can contact to:

  1. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Shipping House, No. 13, Strand Road, Kolkata – 700 001 Tel: 2482354, 2488013 Fax: (033) 2482035, 2480377
  2. Shipping Corporation of India Ltd., Jawahar Building, Rajaji Salai, Chennai – 600 001 Tel: (044) 5231401, Fax: (044) 5231218
  3. M/s A.V. Bhanojirao and Garuda Pattabhiramayya & Co., Post Box No. 17, Vishakapatnam (Agent – Shipping Corporation of India Ltd.) Tel: (0891) 565597/562661, Fax: 566507/549224



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