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Seabury Holidays is our tourism unit in this region. We are a small, specialist consultancy, offering an experienced team of tourism consultants with a strong track record in tourism planning, development and marketing. We have been established for many years and thrive on regular repeat business; we gain new clients virtually every month and would be delighted to consider how we can help you. We keep fully up to date with issues and opportunities of tourism in India, often through our own commissioned work, including market trends, quality standards and tourism delivery structures. Though our team has a wide range of experience, we still supplement this with additional expertise and capacity when required and frequently work with other consultancies. We have developed a close working relationship with professionals in parallel disciplines. We also regularly commission visitor surveys, focus groups and other targeted research from teams who work to our brief. Our company undertakes tourism as a tool for conservation and sustainable development of the region. We provide purposeful travel to areas with natural beauty. We have some exclusive tours logistically designed to suit your liking and provide you with flexibility.

We have a wider network which has been developed close contacts with the tourism industry and with colleague consultants and professionals in many states, through our involvement with the Tourism department officials.


We invite our guest to visit each of the region of operation. Visit each region and enjoy the journey through this region of Himalayan belt or the plains adjacent to it or the Island. Wildlife, Lakes, Flora & Fauna, Temples and Historical sites, etc are all fascinating and are to be cherished. The regions are now an international map due to its numerous traits, such as the monasteries, the people; the art, their cultural extravaganza, and the diversity mesmerize all the visitors to this region.

North East India: The main attraction is the mighty Himalaya. Other attractions in North East India are Monastery, trek routes, hill stations, high altitude lakes or the picturesque destinations be it be Tibet, Sikkim, Darjeeling, Dooars, etc. The region or the Himalayan range is quite mesmerizing. The wildlife, cultural diversity, people; unique customs and colorful life in these entire regions are extremely intriguing. The north eastern states of India and the neighboring country of Nepal, Bangladesh and Bhutan are destinations close to Siliguri. Assam, North Bengal, Sikkim, Meghalaya, and other states in north east portrays a landscape of vibrant cultural heritage, natural diversity, spiritual mysticism and the best of all is the people of the region. We are established tour operator in the state of West Bengal based at Darjeeling.

Andaman & Nicobar Island: Enjoy the splendor of India's best-kept secret with world-class Beaches, Coral Reefs, lush green rainforests, Swimming elephants, and Giant fish. Andaman & Nicobar Islands is a group of over 572 Islands, islets and rocks in the Bay of Bengal, South-East of the Indian mainland. Andaman & Nicobar Islands is exotic Destination for the holiday lovers. Seabury just guide you there.

Kerala: It is the land of god. Seabury showcases Kerala at its exotic best. Packages with the warmth of personalized service are delivered by us. Our professionally managed enterprise has earned reputation for its innovative products and exemplary service standards. We organize stay and tour based on Kerala house boat, honeymoon packages, house boat honeymoon packages, Backwater Tours, Kerala honeymoon packages, etc.


Kashmir: Kashmir is a multi-faceted diamond set like a jewel crown on the map of India. Two major Himalayan ranges, the Great Himalayan Range and the Pir Panjal, surround the landscape from the north and south respectively. The Mughals rightly called Kashmir ‘Paradise on Earth’ where they journeyed across the hot plains of India, to the valley’s cool environs. Visit with us for a lifetime memory.

Rajasthan: Seabury offers you the opportunity to experience the charm of the most exotic destination of most colourful state of Rajasthan with exciting tour packages including comfortable Hotel rooms and palatable cuisines at optimum cost. Enjoy the splendor of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Bikaner, Udaipur and Jaisalmer in one fort-filled holiday package. Rajasthan promise romance.

Leisure tour, adventure tour, religious tour, biking, photography tour, wildlife tour, tribal tour, tea tourism, honey moon packages, monastery tour, home stay are some of the form of tourism popular among the tourist. There are few adventurous tours like trekking, mountain biking, Mountain Cycling, birding, angling, caving, etc are gradually picking up and are fascinating. Himalayan region is also known for the high altitude lakes, hot water springs, wildlife, mountain pass and waterfalls. There are quite a few such destinations known only for the natural beauty and the peace. In Nepal, Bhutan and the north east India one can interact with people, their culture, lifestyles and enjoy the peace and tranquility. Beauty of the Himalaya, forests, villages, tribal activities, festivals, etc is worth praising.

We have a number of package tour and we also organize tailor-made packages to the places given above which take cares of all the hassles. We have all the options to appeal to you and the best part is all of our tours are tailor made. So you tell us what you want rather that we telling you what are on offer.

What you can expect from us
• Guaranteed comfort
• Safety & Security
• Delicious local food
• Breath taking views
• Unique experiences
• Friendship time
• Warm Hospitality

Quality product delivery is a basic principle of the group. Our comprehensive quality assurance system is reflected in the standards, processes, and quality assurance review we conduct at every stage of our operations. We pledge to dedicate our time, our effort, and our resources to one cause ……… safe, secure, peaceful, healthy tour packages for all.

Team work is essential for competing in today’s global arena, where individual perfection is not as desirable as a high level of collective performance. Fostering teamwork is all about creating a work culture that values collaboration. People recognize and believe that …. none of us is as good as all of us ….. And it is this spirit of teamwork that is so close to the core of our Organization.

• P Kiro: He well travelled man and a methodical. He is associated and well conversant with the business and doing it quite efficiently. Smart decision maker and conversant with tourism. A chance realization and like it happens to many of us, it took a genuine endorsement from an outsider to appreciate what is truly our own. A dream was born. He felt the need to stop globetrotting and head back to his roots, where he could use his wealth of travel experience to showcase the travel life as he had lived it. He provides efficient and effective management services to the customers at genuine and competitive rates.

• Our Department – We deliver out-of-the-ordinary and authentic travel experiences which became popular with experience-seekers. Three specialized divisions of the company handle the tour i.e. Marketing, Developers and Operations, etc. Other than these departments we also have two separate divisions called Product Development & Research Wing. Tailor-made packages, Railway Ticket, Air ticket government properties Booking, Event Management, School / College excursion and Component Sale are handled by us. We guarantee that we will make your stay pleasant and memorable.

Research and Development: Our Research and Development team are always available to provide any information, so that our esteemed clients who visit anywhere in India are benefited from the experience. There is a certain honesty and transparency in our operations..

Our Recognition: In the past we have had a lot of good words from numerous clients, who have made use of our services. We cherish their blessings and good wishes. Our staffs are our firm's strength. Our performance has always been well-organized, efficient and smooth.
Please visit our testimonial page for more details.

Services Offered: We would be really honored to provide you with all travel and tour related services, during your visit to Rajasthan, Kerala, Anadaman, North East India, Kashmir, etc. We guarantee you a trouble free, enjoyable and vibrant holiday. We have very honest, sincere, hard working executives who execute the packages.

Event Management – Corporate Tour or Corporate promotional tours, Corporate seminars, Company excursion, Promotional tour, Large family Tour, Group Tour packages, Company Packages, School Excursion, Educational or any event based tour, etc.

Component Sale – Railway Ticket, Air Ticket, Bus Ticket, Any Ticketing, Hotels / resort bookings, Room Reservation, Vehicle Booking, Hotel rooms, Guide and other tourism related products are booked by us. Each component comes at very reasonable cost and with professional touch.

Tour Packages - Our packages have always been well executed, handling is always efficient and smooth. Hence we have achieved excellent quality standards with a high level of customer appreciation / satisfaction. Our packages and operations results in long lasting relations and generate large amount of recommended work. We have the expertise in operating all types of tours. We have wide range of Groups, Family, Corporate, Colleges, Schools and Individual tourists. Various Tour packages offered by us:

  • Customised Packages
  • Cultural Tours
  • Adventure tours
  • Monastary & Temple Tour
  • Religious Tours
  • Safaris and treks
  • Rejuvenation and Ayurveda Tours
  • Conference and Incentives
  • Honeymoon Packages
  • Homestays
  • House boat Stay
  • Tour Planning
  • Tour Consultant
  • Religious Tour
  • Off beat destinations
  • Village / Tribal Safari
  • All Travel and Tours related services

Hotel Bookings: Individual or group booking in any hotel of any category can be provided instantly. Owing to our very good business relationship with the hotels, we are always in a position to offer a very competitive rate for our clients / customers.

Air bookings: Air tickets can be arranged instantly from any airlines. No service charge is levied in booking of air tickets. We will offer the best possible cost in every sector of India and to all international tickets.

Transport: We have our own fleet of vehicles with multilingual and well-experienced drivers. Our chauffeurs are well versed with all the tourist destinations and hotels and will also act as guides, lest you have any answered query. Our drivers will cater promptly to your requirements and go ahead to show you places of your liking.

Itinerary Planning and execution: We at Seabury holidays have long been helping our guests with all the necessary arrangements, starting from planning; to the execution of tours. We provide all minute details required so that the visitors have aa idea of the places to be visited. It will be our privilege and pleasure to provide such services. Please do inform us the time of your arrival and departure, the total days for travel and your approximate budget and we will be there for you whenever you need us.

Other assistance: Our company values most is to take action based on an understanding of the views of our customers / Clients. Our company strives to incorporate the views of customers into our operations, and is reflected in product development as well as ongoing improvements made to our products and services. The elements that contributed to the development of our innovative technologies are
• Accumulation of ideas in response to daily feedback from customers,

• Accurate grasp of customer needs, and

• Our desire to please our customers.