Rental Car for Self-Driving in Andaman Islands

When you are planning for a trip for adventure, sightseeing, educational, business or any other purpose and heading to an unknown place, or a place you know very little, the first thing that is needed to reach there or after reaching there is a reliable and flawless mean of transport. Although you can take a flight or a bus, or ride on a train, travelling in a car is always a best option for spending the holidays without getting into any hazard. And while you are exploring unknown beauty of a travel destination, no other medium of transport can be as useful as a car. Whether it is your own car or a rental one, that vehicle belongs to you for the days of your memorable holidays.


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Have you ever been in the pristine islands of Andaman? Are you planning to visit the mesmerising tourist spots in Andaman Islands? Well, if you are doing so, you are just on a right schedule for tour planning. The beautiful piece of lands floating on the Bay of Bengal and Indian Ocean form one of the attractive travelling zones of India. These magnificent sites are waiting to offer you marvellous view of wide clean sky with bright burning sun, vast spread sandy beaches, crystal clear water of sea, deep green tropical forest in the islands, large range of various land and sea animals, excellent service on accommodation and multi-cuisine restaurants alongside the beaches and much more opportunities to live your days to the fullest.

As these islands are a group of smaller and larger pieces of lands on sea and most of the travelling sites are surrounded by water, renting a car in Andaman is not a preferable option. Still when you are heading towards one town from another in an island, you can hire a car for that purpose because at that time waiting for a bus can be a little boring moment in your trip. Including Andaman Islands, travelling in a rental car in India is on a boom these days.

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Some people love to have complete freedom and privacy while touring in Andaman Islands. In that case if you are pretty much confident about your driving skill, must go for renting a car for self driving so that you can easily enjoy wherever you want to go inside a whole island. If you have to cross the waterway to reach another island, park the car somewhere near the ferry and go on. The most amazing thing is that there are even ferries in some tourist locations of Andaman which provide car transporting service on boat.

Booking a self drive car rental service in Andaman can bring a dozens of facilities that you won’t get when hiring a driver for a sightseeing trip here. You can rent car in Port Blair from the expert agencies near airport through pre-booking or instant booking. But always make sure that the service centres of the hired car should be closer to your travel destinations in Andaman. Book a car only after checking thoroughly and being assured that the car is without any fault. And do not forget to carry proper documents and licence for driving in anywhere in India, especially in the semi-restricted places of Andaman, if you wish to visit those places.


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Although hiring a driver with the rental car in Andaman comes in very reasonable price and the fees of rental car are not very much costly too, self driving in Andaman Islands is going to be a wonderful experience for you and your family or friends. Sometimes the drivers may not be that much responsible and well-mannered, or having a driver with you can cost some extra money. So go on for a self-controlled travel, drive a car by yourself and enjoy the driving on the highways amongst the serene primeval form of islands and alongside the wide sandy shores of multi-hued sea.



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