List of 24 Most Popular Places to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon

List of 24 Most Popular Places to Visit in Andaman for Honeymoon

A Honeymoon - that one chance for the perfect marital start, is the most memorable retreat of our lives. You want to indulge yourself in a secluded escape for two! But the big question arises - where? If you are dreaming of white sandy beaches, where every soul witnesses the amalgamation of crystal clear waters with the dazzling shore, then yield up to the call of the incredible Andaman. The emerald archipelagos with the vast marine life render appealing aura for a perfect beginning of two souls. So, book a yourself a trip from wide ranges of customized Andaman and Nicobar honeymoon tour packages for a delightful break. Enter into the realm of the pristine white sand and the luminous waters of Andaman and Nicobar that has obtained millions of reviews to be the perfect honeymoon site. Undoubtedly a paradisiacal zone, the amazing Andaman awakens you with a delightful dawn and the gentle nudge of cool breeze and urges you to get spell bound under the immortal inferno of the stunning sunset. So, have a glimpse at the list of places to visit in Andaman for honeymoon. Surrender to the realm of emerald paradise. Ditch the monotony and delve into the enchanting aura where the clamor gets replaced by serenity and the forgotten relics permit for an insight to the ancient era. Saunter around the dazzling beaches and spend quality time under the dense mangroves while kayaking with your significant half. Come! Discover more of enchanting Andamans.

1. Saunter in the exotic Radhanagar beach:

Radhanagar beach Retaining its tranquil and unparalleled charm, Radhanagar beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Asia as well as the world. The realm of pristine white sand, azure sea, and the soothing tranquility is, in fact, the gem of the Havelock Island in Andaman.

2. Click your best post wedding pictures at mesmerizing Jolly Buoy Island:

Radhanagar beach Renowned for the crystal clear emerald waters & the underwater corals, this magnificent Island is an excellent gateway for the newlyweds. This no plastic zone island is the delight and dream come true for the wanderlust inflicted souls. It is profoundly bequeathed with the scenic beauty and tranquility.

3. Adore the ambiance of the tranquil Austin Creek, Mayabunder:

Radhanagar beach The voyage through the ever fading greens of mangroves would be the most exciting experience you can have in your life. A delight for the environmental enthusiasts, the place owns the exotic flora and fauna that inhabits several species of crocodiles, birds, and more.

4. Be a part of the intriguing Baratang Island:

Baratang Island Providing some rare experience, Baratang Island is one of the most mesmerizing places in Andaman for honeymoon. Covered with thick vegetation of mangroves, the intriguing tropical forest is encompassed by a vast expanse of the sandy beaches. Other rare features are the mud volcanoes and the limestone caves that grab the attention of a fairly huge crowd of incoming tourists. Indulge in kayaking underneath the thick mangrove vegetation.

5. Find your bliss at fascinating Lakshmanpur Beach:

laxman pur beach With pleasant aura, the vast stretch of white sand stands like a significant contrast to the azure ocean. Visitors are rewarded regularly with ocean shells and corals. The tranquil and the shallow ocean will surely captivate you with the glorious sunset in the skyline.

6. Embrace the tranquility of Incredible Havelock Island:

Havelock Island Boasting of breathtakingly beautiful evergreen forests, the one of the largest island in Andaman boasts of some of the most unexplored and undefiled beaches. The pristine white sand, the dazzling turquoise waters, the tranquil aura is one of the most excellent features of the island.

7. Get more insights into the historical Cellular Jail:

Cellular Jail Established in 1896 by the British with the intention of punishing the freedom fighters post independence, this Jail is the symbol of struggle for India's Independence. Secluded from the rest of the country, the cellular Jail served as the place for exile, and for isolating the prisoners from the rest of the world.

8. Get bewitched by the appealing Red-Skin Island:

 Red-Skin Island If you are on a quest for something exotic, yield up to the call of Red-Skin Island. The extraordinary ambiance will surely compel you. Let the intriguing magnificence enrapture you. Confront the irresistible excitement of the snorkeling here.

9. Let serenity reenergize you at majestic Vijaynagar Beach:

With calm and luminous waters, the white sands and the flourishing green woods, Vijaynagar beach provides the soothing effect to exhausted travelers. The vast stretch of white sands & various arrangements of water sports will surely revitalize you.

10. Witness the most enchanting views from the majestic Mount Harriet National Park:

majestic Mount Harriet National Park One of the highest peaks in Andaman, Mount Harriet offers the breathtaking panoramic views of the emerald sea, mesmerizing sunrise and sun sets. It makes an ideal hub for a peaceful retreat for those you seek solitude.

11. Just be together at the secluded realm of Guitar island beach:

 Guitar island beach One of the secluded beaches in Andaman, Guitar Island Beach anticipates the couples who are on a quest for seclusion. It is a long narrow and creamy beach that is accessible from Long Island Jetty.

12. Relax and let the stress fade away with the setting sun at breathtaking Corbyn's Cove Beach:

Corbyn's Cove Beach Located at a distance of approx. 4km from Port Blair, this beach is notorious for the appealing sunrises and sunsets. With provision for water sports, the beach owns tall coconut trees restricting the sun rays and providing shades for relaxation.

13. Fall more in love with the romantic aura at alluring Pathi Level Beach:

Pathi Level Beach Located close to Alfred caves, the sprawling white sand beaches provide an absolute retreat to the romantic souls. Recognized for its undefiled and profuse natural allure, the secluded beach is reachable through Ram Nagar Beach.

14.Retrieve and relive the bygone moments at mysterious Ross Island:

  Ross Islands Step into the ethereal province of the Ross Islands by a jetty ride. The Island has the ownership of ancient relics like the ruins of old church, bakery, hospital, press, troop barracks, swimming pool, chief commissioner's house, ballroom, etc. It also owns a number of peacocks, ducks, and deer here.

15. Experience extraordinary at tranquil and restful Lamiya Bay Beach:

 Lamiya Bay Beach Contrasting to other beaches, this beach in Diglipur is not prominent among the travelers. Layered with rocks, brown sand and the dead corals, the ambiance of this beach retains an intense solitude to explorers visiting here.

16. Get fully rejuvenated at profusely endowed Aamkunj Beach:

Aamkunj Beach One of the best eco-tourism destinations in India that is managed by the forest officials at Rangat, this beach is one of the turtle nesting beaches in Andaman. Equipped with trunk benches, eco huts, log sofas, and more, it is the delight for the environmental enthusiasts.

17. Cross the narrow sandy strait, holding hands at remarkable Ross and Smith Island:

Ross and Smith Island The twin Islands associating as a single Island is a must visit place for the travelers worldwide. The exotic feature of these archipelagos is that they are associated with sand bar, which makes them appear genuinely unique and wonderful.

18. Immerse in the tranquil waters at Wandoor Beach:

Wandoor Beach The luminous water and the flawlessly developed shoreline, and the dried tree trunks set up perfectly for you delight, this beach is an ideal place that draws many travelers.

19. Relax under the shades of tall coconut trees at Avis Island Beach:

Avis Island Beach A tiny and marooned beach that snuggles in the desolated Avis Island is famous for coconut plantation. It lies at the limit of 30 minutes boat ride from Mayabunder. Although not suitable for swimming, it makes an excellent excursion and provides tranquil aura.

20. Appreciate the wonder of nature while watching the astounding coral reefs at North Bay Island:

North Bay Island Replete with fascinating coral reefs, this island is another amazing must visit. Indulge in the wide range of water sports; get mesmerized by the corals at the North Bay. Bask in the sun by the shore while falling in love with the place.

21. Let the waves kiss your feet while watching at the endless ocean at Lalaji Bay Beach:

Lalaji Bay Beach Flee to the realm of seclusion where the turquoise water embraces the soft sand. Immerse in the grandeur of the region that is encompassed by the running shore. Bestowed with amazing marine life, it is an excellent place for snorkeling and swimming.

22. Spend your lazy afternoon at cozy cabins at Ray Hill, Mayabunder:

 Ray Hill Recently discovered as the eco-tourism hub in Andaman, Ray Hill has provision for eco-guest houses. The place enables you to delve into the wilderness and nature at its best. The tranquil realm is the perfect place to flee from the boisterous crowds.

23. Embark on an elephant safari to witness the exotic Elephant Beach:

Elephant Beach Get mesmerized by the fascinating natural allure of the vicinity. Opt for a safari, delving in to the woods of the tall trees. Indulge in water sports activities, or get yourself acquainted with the realm by taking a cruise over the ocean.

24. Make your commitments stronger at stunning Neil Island:

  Renowned for its unique charm, Neil Island is a paradisiacal province. It is an ideal place for those who seek peace and solitude. So, spend your evening sauntering by the serene seaside with your significant half. You can even explore the whole island on a bicycle. So, come fall in love with incredible Andaman and Nicobar Islands!
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