Yummy! These Eight Light Delicacies of Northeast India Will Make You Rush There


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The pristine lands of Northeast India are yet to be explored properly. As it is joined with the rest of the country with an about 22 km corridor of Siliguri, many people avoid making trips to north-eastern part of India. But those who have proper idea about these exotic travel destinations of India visit the hills and foothills of Eastern Himalayas again and again.

If you travel to Northeast India, you are going to find lots of reasons why people keep visiting here. The varied landscapes, happy people, their culture, cuisine, dresses, lifestyle etc attract the travellers from throughout the globe. All the eight states have so many things to offer you that it will leave you awestruck and confused to choose particularly some of them.

Talking about variety, have you tasted the wide range of various foods of that these states provide? Waking up in the morning and tasting some unknown delicious dishes in breakfast can make your day awesome. Each and every states including Sikkim and the Seven Sisters’ States, i. e, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Mizoram, Arunachal Pradesh, Tripura and Manipur –all of them serve mouth watering cuisine. For all the foodies of the world, here are some traditional breakfast dishes of Northeast India.

Assam: Chira with Dahi and Gurh


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Rice is flattened to make ‘chira’, which contains the quality of rice but used for breakfast and light meal. Dahi refers to curd and gurh is a clot of sweet obtained from sugarcane, date or one type of palm. Assamese people have these three mixed as a dish for breakfast or light meals.

Meghalaya: Tungtap (fish chutney) and Jadoh


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Jadoh is a popular dish of Northeast India which is made from Amrmbrosial rice, a speciality of Meghalaya. Both veg and non-veg jadoh are available. While veg one is made with tinda, jhinga, tomato, potato and okra, non-veg is associated with pork. Tungtap is a chutney or sauce type food which is made of fish.

Mizoram: Koat Pitha

Tripura - Koat Pitha (19)

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Rice and banana is associated with fritters and deeply fried to make koat pitha, a very popular light food of Mizoram. Generally it is served when it reaches the room temperature. Take a bite of the crispy outer and enjoy the delicious softy inner of this snack.

Nagaland: Cabbage Curry with Pork Fat


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Naga food is known for being devoid of rich masala or spice. Any dish is flavoured with pork fat, oil or ginger to bring out the taste. A very popular light dish of Nagaland is cabbage curry. Cabbages chopped into small pieces and a thick soup is made with it, adding an extra flavour of pork fat.

Tripura: Chakhwi


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A combination of bamboo shoots and pork without oil is definitely a healthy dish to have in breakfast. Chakhwi is prepared with these two ingredients with other essentials like green papaya, rice flour, baking soda etc.

Arunachal Pradesh: Khura


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The cuisine of Arunachal Pradesh is deeply inspired by Tibetan style, as the other things of their life do. If you are in this state, you can have a light food like khura in breakfast. It’s a pancake, simply made of buckwheat, hence completely vegetable.

Manipur: Iromba


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This elegant yet simple dish of Manipur is just awesome. Fermented fish, mashed potatoes are associated with fresh green leaves and blazing red chillies to prepare this food item. It is very healthy too as it is light yet contains enough calorie.

Sikkim: Thukpa


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Long and thick strands of noodles are used for this soupy dish cooked either only with vegetables or both veggies and meat. Although it is originated from Tibet, thukpa is the most common food of Sikkim. A morning can get fresh start with such healthy food item.



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