Top Five Tourism Destinations in Nagaland

The word ‘Nagaland’ initially brings some images of wide open tranquil beauty of hills, forest and valleys of incredible Northeast India. Another thing that actually enters the mind first is that Nagaland is a residence to wide range of tribes including Ao, Angami, Chang, Konyak, Lotha, Sumi, Chakhesang, Dimasa, Kachari etc. Spread in an area of 16,579 sq km, Nagaland faces Arunachal Pradesh and part of Assam to the north, Assam to the west, Manipur to the south and Burma (Myanmar) to the east.

The state is a part of the heavenly land of Seven Sisters’ States, thus Nagalang tourist attractions are large in number. Along with the capital town Kohima, there are numerous places to visit in Nagaland. Till today, some places here are yet to be explored by tourists and adventurers, which can rank amongst the top Nagaland tourist spots. Well, based on the popularity of all travellers’ destinations here, we have gathered some best places to experience in the five most visited districts of the state.


dimapur nagaland

Dimapur, located at an altitude of 145 m, is the largest city in the namesake district in Nagaland. This ancient capital of Dimasa Kachari tribal rulers is the ‘gateway of Nagaland’. Both nature and history lovers make trips here for amazing scenic landscape and places of historical significance. The city has been widely called as ‘the brick-city’ by European scholars and rulers of Ahom dynasty.

The entire district of Dimapur has plenty tourist locations to offer. Lush green tropical and sub-tropical forest, historical ruins, peaceful villages and towns, tranquil valleys etc mesmerises the travellers. Calm and far from the buzzing about of the city lives, these sites in and around Dimapur are loved by tourists. Some of such frequently visited tourist locations here are –

  • Kachari Ruins
  • Diezephe Craft Village
  • Rangapahar Reserve Forest / Zoological Park
  • Chumukedima Village
  • Dimapur Ao Baptist Church
  • Diphupar
  • Nichuguard
  • Kuki Dolong Village
  • Green Park
  • Nagaland Science Centre
  • Medziphema
  • Ruzaphema



kohima_city nagaland

Nagaland’s capital, Kohima town, is a part of the Kohima district. Situated at an altitude of 1261 m, the town has a magnetic attraction to the visitors. Sharing a border with Burma, the district of Kohima has a very important role to play in the history of World War II; the War Cemetery here bearing the witness of the devastating battle.

Apart from such historical spots, Kohima is full of wonderful sites with exquisite natural beauty. The incredibility as a colourful landmark of Nagaland comes from the togetherness of ancient and modernity. This commercial hub of the state has not forgotten to hold its cultural value and represent it in front of the travellers in form of beautiful sites like –

  • Dzukou Valley
  • Japfu Peak
  • Pulebadze Peak
  • Kohima War Cemetery
  • Deputy Commissioner’s Bungalow
  • Kohima State Museum
  • Kohima Zoo
  • Naga Bazar
  • Dzüleke
  • Tseminyu
  • Shilloi Lake
  • Kisama Heritage Village



The district of Mokokchung holds a spectacular tourist and municipal town of similar name. The town of Mokokchung is situated at an altitude of 1325 m and receives a mild climate throughout the year. This cultural of intellectual capital of Nagaland is home of Ao tribe and considered as the ‘land of pioneers’ because of producing several leaders in various fields.

According to the tourists, who visit Mokokchung every year, it is the liveliest district of the state in terms of scenic beauty or lifestyle of people etc. Year by year new places are being revealed here as tourist hub and gradually the town is becoming the new hotspot for all type of travel mongers, who love to visit these locations –

  • Changtongya
  • Mokokchung Park
  • Mokokchung Village
  • Longkhum
  • Ungma
  • Chuchuyimlang
  • Mokokchung District Museum
  • Changkikong Range
  • Langpangkong Caves
  • Tangkum Marok Spring



mon nagaland

The Mon district is generally famous for tattooed-faced warriors, blackened-teeth people and for being the home of Konyak Nagas. This makes the district as top ranked sightseeing places in Nagaland. Its geographical location of around 655 m altitude adds flavour to be one of the mystic lands in India.

Sharing a border with Burma, Mon surprises the tourists with several things, like in Longwa, the biggest village of Mon, the chief can be seen living with his 60 wives in a house decorated with several trophies made of animals’ skulls. Other such interesting places in and around the town are –

  • Veda Peak
  • Chui Village (Basti)
  • Shangnyu Village
  • Naganimora
  • Montelchino Italy



wokha nagaland

The importance of Wokha mainly lies on the fertile soil, rich mineral resources and huge variety in flora and fauna. The town of Wokha, situated at 1313 m above sea level, is the capital of the namesake district, which is counted amongst the most backward districts of India, in terms of modernised development.

But as a tourist hub Wokha can compete with the other major districts from the aspect of glorious natural ambience. Splendid views of the Donyan River, the dam and surrounding awaits the travellers to be amazed. This place offer enormous opportunity to study the culture, art and craft of the local tribes, specially the Lotha tribe. Other than that, you can go to visit –

  • Liphanyan Governor’s camp
  • Mount Tiyi
  • Doyang River and Hydro Project
  • Totsu Cliff
  • Vankhosung
  • Totsu Wozhu Lake
  • Tehurang Valley
  • Baghty Valley




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