Shopping in Andaman & Nicobar Islands

The emerald green water beside wide sandy beaches and rich green vegetation under clear blue sky –all meet up and create a charming atmosphere to give you a dream-like holiday destination in Andaman and Nicobar Islands. The shiny shorelines, intriguing marine life and quiet and tranquil environment enhance your experience, and you are left to desire for more. Tourists can enjoy whole bunch of activities while visiting these islands.

Other than touring or absorbing the culture and lifestyle of the inhabitants, or joining some water-sports, shopping at Andaman and Nicobar Islands is a noteworthy activity for the travellers. The capital city of Port Blair is a noteworthy place for shops and showrooms where you can search for a great deal of things like coconut items like lights, dishes etc, corals, palm mats, seashells, tortoise shells, woodcrafts and furniture, Nicobarese mats, shell gems and so on. Situated beside the sea, the islands have numerous coconut and palm trees. The coconut trees are most useful of all that is grown here, because none of its part is unusable. Thus different items, which are made of using various parts of coconut trees, can be found in the shops.

Aberden Bazaar

Aberdeen Bazaar andaman

This main centre for business and shopping in Port Blair city is a place where the travellers and locals rush amid weekends and occasions. Apparels as well as other family things can be found in Aberden Bazaar. Huge number of eateries is found selling mouth-watering items in this bustling path. Parathas, sea food and other yummy snacks are served here and no visitor forgets to relish some of those. If you visit the catholic churches here, you will be dazzled with their architecture.

Sagarekha  Government Emporium

Sagarika Government Emporium andaman

The intriguing stuffs that will snatch your attention in Sagarika Government Emporium are the extensive variety of woodcarvings, stick and bamboo furniture, Nicobari items, shell adornments, coconut lampshades and wood like plate, strolling sticks, tables and seats made of wood. All these items are kept here for display and sale purpose.

Queen Sea Shell Craft

Queen Sea Shell Craft

You can’t resist the urge to experience this place, situated in Aberdeen Bazaar. An appreciable collection of crafts made of bamboo cane, accessories made of shells, wrist trinkets, coconut shell lights, studs and chains made of beads and shells are excellent souvenirs to buy and especially attract lots of energetic tourists.

Government Emporia

Government Emporia andaman

Government Emporia executes several wonderful articles made by skilled artists of Andaman and Nicobar Islands and these are absolutely entrancing and worth observing or buying. Here you can find a plenty of striking handicrafts work produced using wood and seashells. Other noted spots to look for comparable craftsmanship things are Gram Khadi Commission and Cottage Industries Emporium.

Shopping Singapore

This intriguing looking shop arranged in Aberdeen Bazaar offers nearly everything under its rooftop –from electronic items to amazing curios. Well, it is definitely not situated in Singapore, although it is named so. A lot other stationary items are found here. If you have forgotten to bring your camera by any chance, Shopping Singapore is the exact place you should visit to buy one as it offers various types and forms of cameras.




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