Andaman and Nicobar Tour Packages with Airfare

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The archipelago and one of the Indian Union Territories, Andaman and Nicobar Island, is very well connected today with the Indian peninsula. Different airlines operate regular flights between all four metrocities including Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata and Chennai to Port Blair Airport, the only airport in Andaman. Airlines like Jet Airways, SpiceJet, Go Air, Air India etc drop and pick up people at Port Blair, as per schedule.

If you are visiting Andaman and Nicobar Islands as a tourist, flight is the better and faster option for you to reach there than ship. And for this, you can contact a well-reputed travel agent that organise tours to Andaman by flights. Various aeroplane tours start from various places of India, differentiating the d uration and price for each.


One way, non-stop flights fly from Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport to Port Blair. The estimated time of this journey is 2 hours to 2 hours 30 minutes.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
JetKonnect 5:25 AM 9,775
IndiGo 7:45 AM 7,238
GoAir 8:40 AM 5,652
Vistara 10:15 AM 6,324
SpiceJet 11:55 AM 7,897


You can return from Port Blair Airport to the same destination on one way, non-stop flights for a journey of around 1:30 hours.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
JetKonnect 8:10 AM 7,596
Air India 8:40 AM 13,310
IndiGo 10:30 AM 6,865
Vistara 1:45 PM 4,994
SpiceJet 2:35 PM 5,684
GoAir 5:50 PM 4,150



These are all one-way flights from Indira Gandhi International Airport with one stoppage to Port Blair, taking around 5 hours to reach.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
JetKonnect 2:30 AM 14,009
IndiGo 5:05 AM 9,238
GoAir 5:55 AM 9,172
SpiceJet 5:55 AM 11,412
SpiceJet 6:55 AM 15,892
SpiceJet 9:15 AM 17,515


Following are the one-way flights from Port Blair to Delhi with single stoppage in an average time of 5 hours.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
IndiGo 10:30 AM 7,764
Vistara 1:45 PM 7,937
Jet Airways 2:25 PM 10,464
SpiceJet 2:35 PM 17,514
GoAir 5:50 PM 9,708



From the Chennai International Airport to Port Blair, these non-stop, one-way flights are being operated and the journey takes around 2 hours to 2:30 hours.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
Air India 5:05 AM 26,841
GoAir 8:15 AM 6,998
IndiGo 8:55 AM 8,397
Jet Airways 11:45 AM 6,161
SpiceJet 12:05 PM 9,239


The return flights from Port Blair to Chennai are non-stop and reach in about 2-2:30 hours.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
Air India 8:05 AM 12,250
GoAir 10:55 AM 6,999
IndiGo 11:45 AM 8,347
Jet Airways 2:25 PM 6,114
SpiceJet 2:50 PM 9,143



Flights from Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport take around 5-7 hours to reach Andaman with one stoppage during journey, except for GoAir (4:00 AM) takes 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
GoAir 4:00 AM 7,800
GoAir 5:50 AM 24,691
Jet Airways 7:15 AM 9,224
SpiceJet 7:20 AM 12,434
Jet Airways 8:30 AM 9,659
Jet Airways 8:55 PM 9,224


You can return from Andaman to Mumbai in average 4 hours to 7:30 hours. Except for GoAir flight on 7:45 AM, all flights take one stoppage.

Airlines Time Price (INR)
GoAir 7:45 AM 7,801
GoAir 10:55 AM 24,326
Jet Airways 2:25 PM 13,004
SpiceJet 2:50 PM 14,283




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