7 Most Unknown Facts On Long Island Andaman for Tourists

7 Most Unknown Facts On Long Island Andaman for Tourists


North and middle of the Andaman administrative district Long Island Andaman is an Island of Andaman and Nicobar Islands which is a part of the Union Territory and is lying 80 km north from the Port Blair. The Islands belong to the East Baratang Group and that too lies east of Porlob Islands. However, a wonderful hotel that is located there is run by very hospitable people called the Blue Planet. With an 18 sq. Km is a modern village with the population of around 2000 having with many plus points with the different style of facilities which are generally not available in other villages of Bay Islands. Facilities that it has its own power-house, a well equipped Boat Building Yard, Senior Secondary School, Wireless facilities, bank, hospital, Range Forest Office and the even police outpost. Arrangements are also made for the tourist visits to the nearby Islands by dongis (small motorised catamarans).

Tourists Most Unknown Facts That Tourists Would Like To Know

1. Landscape Of The Long Island Andaman:

Landscape Of The Long Island Andaman On the Western Side of the Island, the village is spread within a good walking distance of the boat Jetty and you have to walk, as there are no cars or rickshaws, only narrow concreted paths if you are lucky. In which most of the Islands is forested and are unexplored and not even mapped, even the police do not have the accurate map of the Island.


2. As You Get In:

As You Get In

The permit for this Islands that you receive on arrival in Port Blair is good for Long Island. The Officer in Charge on the Island will gently remind you to register as you walk to the Blue Planet resort. Also, you need to check out when you are leaving from Blue Planet Long Island.

3. Seasonal Changes That Must Be Known:

Seasonal Changes That Must Be Known

The climate is fairly steady 27-32C which is throughout the year, with a good chance of torrential monsoon rain in between May and September. A tourist attraction for the season starts in October and goes through to March/April. On the Western side, Long Island is sheltered and the village was not too badly affected by the Tsunami. More exposed is the Lalaji Bay.


4. Attraction Of The Tourists:Attraction Of The Tourists

With the lovely village atmosphere, it is to appreciate an unspoiled island. It is to explore the forests, beaches, go snorkelling and maybe get out on the day trip to the nearby uninhabited Islands are among. The pristine beauty of the Long Islands which attracts the tourists from different parts of India and Abroad is for the lush green tropical forests, untouched virgin beaches coupled with the unique Marine ecosystem.


5. One of The Sightseeing Spot Blue Planet Diving:

One of The Sightseeing Spot Blue Planet Diving

The only diving center on this Island is that it offers Open Water and Advanced Courses on the site as well as fun dives on the dive spots that are generally not reachable from the other Islands of Andaman. The seasonal dives which a permanent dive master insurers, but you may need to book in advance for a dive course.

Lalaji Bay Forest Trek is also other tourists attraction spot and you need to make sure to have your forest permit stamped and head to Lalaji Bay in a 1-1.5 hours easy walk in the forest.


6. Government Lodging:

Government Lodging

Close to the boat jetty with only two rooms and there is one government rest house that you must book in advance with A&N Tourism, in reality, it is often occupied by government officials. A better option is the new resort called Blue Planet which has rooms around a central restaurant which are also built around a tree. The charges of the rooms and huts are approx from Rs. 500-1200.


7. Sailing In A Government Ferry:

Sailing In A Government Ferry

One of the ways is to take the Government Ferry from the Port Blair. The ferry will go from Port Blair to Neil Island or Havelock to Long Island ferry. This is a whole day sailing to Long Island, but the tickets open only on the day of the departure and it is not done every day. For an extended vacation to Andaman one can consider this option and for those who visit Andaman for up to 4-10 days, visiting Long Island could be difficult as there are so many things to do in Andaman.

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