Interesting 11 Unknown Facts You Didnít Know About Mayabunder Andaman

Interesting 11 Unknown Facts You Didnít Know About Mayabunder Andaman

Experiences away from the crowdís travelers should be looking in upper Middle Andaman, Mayabunder. Best known for its villages are the inhabited by the Karen, members of a Burmese hill tribe who were relocated here during the British colonial period. The linked to Mayabunder with Port Blair by the Andaman Trunk Road is 242 km and by ferry, it is 136 km. It is also a port of the Andaman Islands.

Historical Around of Mayabunder

Visit Mayabunder Andaman; well it is a town and a country which is in the Northern Part of the Middle Andaman Island, Andaman Archipelago, and India. The name of this place of Andaman is well spelled as Maya Bunder or Maya Bander. It is the place which has its administrative, Mayabunder which headquarter of the North and Middle Andaman districts which falls under the part of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands territory. In the year 2001, the country had its 23.912 inhabitants, of which 3182 were in the town. They were settled in the British colonial period by the immigrants from the Myanmar and the Bangladesh and its ex-convicts. Even though the town is small with no touristís infrastructure, here we can also dig into the town to find out the unknown facts that can be explained as below.

Finding Out To Know the 11 Unknown Facts of Mayabunder

1. To Reach Mayabunder from Port Blair:

To Reach Mayabunder from Port Blair The distance between Port Blair to Mayabunder is 9 km or 5.6 miles or 4.9 nautical miles. After reaching at Port Blair the main airport of Andaman, travelers can take the ferries to reach the town. Distanced covered is around 3 to 4 hours for reaching Mayabunder via the ferries and they are available from Port Blair to reach the different attractions like Mayabunder. It is best to confirm the time schedule before traveling as the ferries operate on different timing.

2. Best Time To Visit the Place Mayabunder:

 Best Time To Visit the Place Mayabunder The town experiences cool and a pleasant weather throughout the year. But during the summer the weather gets little humid. The average temperature ranges are between 25įC to 33įC at Mayabunder and the town can be visited at any time of the year as the weather remains ideal for sightseeing at its various attractions. Also, for your great experiences, the town like the Karmatang Beach, Forest Museum, Anmol Driftwood Museum and Pokhadera Beach can be visited all through the year.

3. Scenic Beauty, Mayabunder Tourist Attractions:

Scenic Beauty, Mayabunder Tourist Attractions: Mayabunder which is situated in the northern half of the Andaman and Nicobar Islands is renowned touristís spot which is famous for its scenic beauty. At the major traffic of the tourists, the popular Mayabunder touristís attractions that one can expect include the exotic beaches. The beaches are covered with the mangrove forests, which certainly add to their appeal, prominent beaches which count among the touristís list in Mayabunder includes the Rampur beach, Karmatang beach, and the Avis beach. The best natural sights for a photographer are the Avis Island, and the other former is also a nesting ground for the turtleís spot which offers as the sight to savor during the months of December and in February. Some of the other places in Mayabunder which are definitely worthy of a visit are the Ray Hill, Forest Museum, Pokhadera beach, Barren Island, Anmol Driftwood Museum, Diglipur and the Austin X Island.

4. Includes of the Villages at Mayabunder:

Includes of the Villages at Mayabunder: The census counting according to the The census counting according to the year 2001 the country includes as some of the following villages where livelihood earns their living. Some of the famous villages are Asha Nagar, Bajato, Bamboo Nallaha, Basantipur, Birsa Nagar, Chainpur, Chappa Nali, Danpur, Devpur, Ganeshpur, Govindpur, Hanspuri, Kamalapur etc.

5. To Watch the Cultural Eccentricity:

To Watch the Cultural Eccentricity Besides so many of the popular touristís attractions places, Mayabunder in the Andaman group is also a wonderful place as to watch the cultural eccentricity of the Burmese and the Bangladeshi settlements.

6. Public College of Mayabunder:

Public College of Mayabunder At Mayabunder it has a public college which is named after the Mahatma Gandhi Government College. It is the only institute in the District of Middle and the North of the Andaman.

7. Mayabunder Indian Coast Guard Station:

Mayabunder Indian Coast Guard Station In the year 24th December 2012, the first CG Station in the North Andaman Islands was also commissioned for the Indian Coast Guard Station by the defense of the Secretary of the Shri Shashi Kant Sharma.

8. Immigrants of Pakistan and Bangladesh:

Immigrants of Pakistan and Bangladesh An area that covers Mayabunder is of 1348 km sq in the middle of the Andamans and it is a hub of the cultural and the traditions in its 71 practiced villages by the immigrants of Pakistan and in Bangladesh which forms the townís main Mayabunder travel guide.

9.Mode of Earning in Mayabunder:

Mode of Earning in Mayabunder The main mode of the earnings here are the cultivations and fisheries in the various villages of this places and also in the area of Avis Islands and in Karmatang Beach.

10. English Not Readily Spoken by the Locals:

10.	English Not Readily Spoken by the Locals Though it is the administrative headquarters of the North and on the Middle of the Andaman Territory, the town is small with almost no touristís infrastructure. English is not readily spoken by the locals so if you do not know Hindi or Bengali, information becomes difficult to seek and it can mostly be sought by asking the staff at the hotels where you are staying in.

11. Sleep Accommodation for You At Mayabunder:

11.	Sleep Accommodation for You At Mayabunder Best Mayabunder hotel with its best price ranges that you can avail in your tour is the Sea and Sand Bed and Breakfast in which the price per room is from Rs. 2950, Anmol Guest House starting price is Rs.800. Green Valley Resort, Avis Hotel which is near the Avis beach you can view the scenic beauty of this place in the morning and also at the day time.
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