List of All Best Season Specific Places for Scuba Diving in Andaman

List of All Best Season Specific Places for Scuba Diving in Andaman


Discover the ultimate places of Andaman and Nicobar Island and experience the Adventure tour packages and the best of all the adventure activities which is grouped into a unique tour options with the guide facilities. Andaman is the place to discover the diversity that Andaman offers, which is also for adventure lovers. The packages showcases South Andaman’s most exotic and untouched island Cinque Island, Game Fishing, Asia finest Sea Walk experience, trekking in tropical rain forest, exploring the diverse marine life through Scuba Diving, tribes, caves, ,mangrove rides and much more. Andaman and Nicobar Island is one of the seven union territories of India and are a group of island at the juncture of the Bay of Bengal and Andaman Sea. The people of the Andaman Islands are home to the only known Palaeolithic people and the Sentinelese people who have no contact with the other people.

Scuba Diving as Adventurers in Andaman Islands

Scuba Diving as Adventurers in Andaman Islands

Andaman and Nicobar have its greatest action in Scuba diving other than relaxing around and tasting the delicacy of the seafood. It is an activity which is a mode of underwater diving in which the scuba diver uses a self-contained underwater breathing apparatus which is completely independent of surface supply to breathe underwater. Andaman bubbles scuba diving across the swimming colourful corals, beautifully patterned fishes, and seabed gardens in silent as night water that is what scuba diving is for you, which is one of the best experience for diving enthusiasts in India. The best season for scuba diving in Andaman is form December to April in this time one can see the amazing sea life among the world of awesome water bodies, vibrant fish and awesome corals. Deep-scuba diving and to can get the unusual experience is blended with diving for the beginners as well in Andaman.

Andaman Scuba Diving Course at All Levels has its Famous Dive Sites in the Adventures Places

Andaman scuba diving course at all levels has its famous dive sites in the adventures places
  • Light house is a sloped reef about 30 minutes away from the dive shop which is of 6-20 meters, the coral tends to the better in its shallows with lots of lionfish, octopus and so on and this is a place to do night dives. Each of the scuba diving in Andaman price varies at the different sea and for the activities that are enjoyed at the sea level.
  • The wall 50 meters long that drops into the shipping channel near the Havelock which is the best local site visited by a large Napoleon Wrasse called Pierre who is very friendly to drive.
  • Barracuda, Giant Trevally, Giant Groupers, Tuna and Mackerel are three large pinnacles of Dixons Pinnacle which are surrounded with excitement from all the active feeding frenzy.
  • MV Mars, it sits upright and has become a new home to many fish which inhabited. This small wooden local cargo ship which went down during a storm of 2006.
  • Neils Cove is a site which is a extension of another very similar dive site which is called the aquarium both for the gentle slope out to the sea with the reef running from the beautiful cove almost Elephant Beach mainly hard coral and hosts a large array of fish.

Places for Scuba Diving and Its Best Time for the Dive

Explore your Andaman vacation and the mysterious ocean world and prepare to get the unravel ride as a beginner, an intermediate, or an expert and there are lot option for you at the various Island.

1. Havelock Island in and Around:

Havelock Island in and around

One of the most famous Islands and the thrilling experience of scuba diving in Andaman is where the Island is about 50 km from the port Blair and has many unexplored diving sites.

2. Experience Night Diving Lighthouse:

Experience night diving Lighthouse

Lighthouse is a large diving site which has its arms wide open for all kinds of diver and this is however the site is framed for night diving for PADI/SSI certified divers. It has the depth of 6-18 meters, and during these experiences you’ll come across variety of hard and soft corals along with the interesting water beings.

3. Aquarium As AParadise Beginner’s:

Aquarium as a paradise beginners

Aquarium is a fringing reef spot with mostly hard corals strewn throughout, where you can treat your eyes to the colourful schools of fish. It is Located at the Southeast of Havelock with a depth of 10-12 meters, and the currents are usually soft and can easily be predicted.

4. Dugongs Mac Point:

Dugongs Mac Point

It is one of the popular places for scuba diving in Andaman and Nicobar Islands with its depth of 10-14 meters. It is especially because one gets to spot Dugongs here, along with the hard rugged corals with actually add on the beauty of the underwater paradise.

5. Meet the Sea Turtles at Barracuda City:

Meet the sea turtles at Barracuda City

It is a drive for 25-30 meters deep and it suitable for the intermediate and expert divers, and it is again an unexplored destination for scuba diving in Andaman. You can swim with the turtles. Diving get the opportunity to explore the deep secret of marine wonderland as you spot colourful corals and the variety of fish including the blue spotted sting rays, coral fish and surgeonfish.

Travellers should follow the scuba diving in Andaman reviews and the videos to know the places and also to follow the feedback before you visit the place to explore.

Best Time and Season for Scuba Diving

Best time and Season for Scuba Diving

Traditionally this is what the weather holds over the course of the year for scuba diving:

January to May is the time when the seas are the calmest especially in the March to May when the sea is sometimes to calm and it resembles the surface condition are best for diving.

June to August is the rainy season, which is different from the mainland monsoon and consists of wet periods when the season is cloudy all day and at frequent brief showers. Also there is a dry period, when there is sunny and calm for several days or even in weeks. But while for diving is usually fantastic due to fish spawning in the warmer water.

September to November is what we call the new season for Andaman Islands. During this time the south westerly winds are starting to die down but sometime there are still regularly showers. It is the diving which is fantastic where the lot of the fish spawn in the rainy season so there is lot of bio-mass on the reefs and the sites are at their absolute best. Currents at the sea are also stronger at this time.

December is a bit of a transition time, it is the lovely terrestrial weather and sometime there are showers and the winds can be moderately strong. The pattern of the weather changes over the past 5-6 years and also over the past 3-4 years we’ve had very calm condition in June, with limited rain and low wind. Rough conditions are in January and February at this point of season.

Based on the recent weather trends which is over the past 5-6 years where we’ll say that March, April and May offer the best chances of the calm condition followed by January to February and September to December. If you are lucky for scuba diving with just 2 to 3 people on the boat at the time of June to August but if unlucky you’ll be limited to our nearer sites.

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