Top 11 Things to Do in Havelock Island

Top 11 Things to Do in Havelock Island


Welcome to Travelers' paradise! Located at a distance of 39 kilometers from Port Blair, the capital, and the heart of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Havelock Island is a paradisiacal domain with the irresistible extension of white sand beaches, profuse coral reefs, luminous blue and green sea, and flourishing woodland. Encompassing a series of islands to the eastern part of the Great Andaman in the Andaman Islands, Havelock Island is one of the biggest Islands. The extensive archipelago is thinly populated and thus it can be a perfect place to rejuvenate and experience the tranquil ambiance. So, step into the celestial realm of the pleasant cool breeze, the exotic coral reefs, the green canopies, luminous azure sea, the soaring waves, and the dazzling silver sands.

So, if you have made up your mind to explore the realm of sand, sea, and seashells, then I am providing you the list of Top 11 Things to Do in Havelock Island. Come! And be a part of the soul-soothing serene vicinity of the captivating Havelock Island.

1. Indulge in delightful Snorkeling:

Indulge in delightful Snorkeling

The beautiful Havelock maintains more than 60 snorkeling sites. Prominent hubs for snorkeling in Havelock islands are North and South Batten Island, English Island and John Lawrence Island. It is one of the most exciting activities while you spend your vacation in Havelock Island.

2. Experience the thrill of Ski Tube Ride:

Experience the thrill of Ski Tube Ride

Other exciting things to do in Havelock is Ski Tube Ride. So, be prepared to anticipate the amusing and gaiety ride coming along your way. So, buckle your life jacket and enjoy the most amusing ride of your life with laughter, while the waves splashing as you float ahead of the deep blue sea, enjoying the captivating views.

3. Witness the fascinating marine life with Glass Bottom Boating:

Witness the fascinating marine life with Glass Bottom Boating

A perfect blend of adventure and thrill, Glass Bottom Boating is one of the best things to do in Havelock, if you are scared of indulging in daring activities like Scuba diving and Snorkeling. Take a glimpse into the amazing world of marine life.

4. Relish in Deep Sea Fishing:

Relish in Deep Sea Fishing

Fishing is one of the most growing demands by the tourists in Havelock Island. As Havelock is sparsely populated you can roam around some of the uninhabited places and indulge in the most interesting and enjoyable Angling or Fishing. Do not forget to wear life jackets while you leave for a good catch.

5. Take pleasure in Trekking:

Take pleasure in Trekking

As Havelock is enclosed by the profuse green vegetation, embarking a trekking is one of the best activities while exploring the island. Mangroves are common here with clean and tranquil beaches. Do not forget to carry insect repellant cream. While you step into the tranquil vicinity, you will wish the time to freeze.

6. Try Scuba Diving in the crystal clear waters:

Try Scuba Diving in the crystal clear waters

Scuba diving is one of the most thrilling water sports in Havelock Island. If you are looking for adventure, then it is one of the musts to do activities in Havelock. For Scuba diving, one doesn't have to be expert in swimming. Experts will guide you in case if you are an amateur diver.

7. Indulge in exciting Banana Boat Rides:

Indulge in exciting Banana Boat Rides

What could be more exciting and fun than Banana Boat Ride? Fasten your life jacket and prepare to laugh, shout, and enjoy the wave splashing adventure of Havelock. The banana boat ride is safe and monitored by experts. So, enjoy the cheerful and scenic ride, and get mesmerized by the allure of sea and shore.

8. Fly as an albatross while Parasailing:

Fly as an albatross while Parasailing

For the nonswimmers! If you are on the quest for an element of adrenaline rush! Here's the good news! Parasailing is an incredible mix of airborne and water adventure. You are fastened behind a motorboat while harnessed in a parachute. So, fly like a kite! And anticipate the beauty of the mind blowing vicinity.

9. Keep calm and watch the marine life with Under Sea Walking:

Keep calm and watch the marine life with Under Sea Walking

The Under Water Walk is one the most amazing way to witness the captivating marine life. It is one of those allurements that one must savor when spending time in Havelock Islands. So discover the natural habitat of marine flora and fauna, the corals while you walk in the ocean bed.

10. Anticipate the joyous Sea Plane Ride:

Anticipate the joyous Sea Plane Ride

Seaplane is an excellent way to witness the grandeur of the paradisiacal archipelago and the mighty sea. The seaplane service is operated from Port Blair to Havelock Island, thus you can definitely enjoy the exhilarating Ariel view from the comforts of the plane seat. There are many Havelock sightseeing places in the wonderful archipelago, but beholding the ethereal realm from above is unique and breathtaking.

11. Enjoy the exhilarating Jet Ski Ride:

Enjoy the exhilarating Jet Ski Ride

Jet Ski Ride lends the most pleasurable experiences through the waves of the deep blue waters. So, enjoy the rush of dynamic waterborne vehicle ride at Havelock Island. Proceed towards the memorable adventure and witness the exhilarating view of the vast blue sea and the mysterious archipelagos, and exquisite coral reefs.

So, apart from the mentioned above activities, the most import aspect of spending vacation is shopping in Havelock Island. The archipelago accommodates various street markets selling tremendously wonderful and genuine handicrafts of the island. There are many small shops selling souvenirs, which you would surely love to purchase to keep as a testimonial of an amazing realm and the cheerful moments or, you can surprise your loved ones with this exotic token from the incredible Isle. The exotic archipelago maintains many places to eat in Havelock, where you can savor the local cuisines. After the tiring sea water sports or adventures like Scuba Diving Havelock, swimming, angling, surfing, you can savour the mouth watering delicacies in the nearby restaurants in the vicinity. After all, good food also plays a key role in making your vacation a fulfilling one.

One such place is Full Moon Caf Havelock which offers great food in a good ambiance. It is a pet-friendly caf, and it offers a wide range of drinks, Indian, Chinese and continental cuisines. So, this exotic isle is an excellent place for an ideal vacation.

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