Top 14 Known Things about Neil Island

Top 14 Known Things about Neil Island


Neil Island which is located in Ritchie’s Archipelago in an Andaman Islands. The administrative district which is the part of the Indian Union Territory of Andaman and Nicobar Islands, the island is lying 36 km northeast from the Port Blair. One of the hot tourist’s spots in the Andaman is the Neil Island attractions for its tiny beautiful island with unexplored coral-reefs, brilliant bio-diversity, white sandy beaches and tropical forests with vegetation. The beaches were named by the settlers after mythical characters of the epic Ramayana (Bharatpur, Laxmanpur, Sitapur, Ramnagar etc). The island is known as the ‘vegetable bowl’ of the Andamans islands because of its large production from the different areas which is a result of the farming standards set with the favourable climatic conditions. With its relaxed vibes and the long deserted beaches is to chill out after the “bustle” of the Havelock, the island can be walked in about two hours.

Neil Island attractions

Ferry Attraction Schedule of Neil Island

1. Natural bridge Neil Island is also very famous and an attraction for worth visiting for its natural beauty along with its white sandy beaches and its shallow beaches with lush green water. Mind refreshing around with its greenery has Neil Island Andaman photos. Neil is named after the British Brigadier General James Neil, who dealt during the suppression of the 1857 Mutiny.

Natural bridge Neil Island

2. Neil Island only entry and exit point is Bharatpur Jetty and is the only option to go to are by Government Neil Island Ferry Schedule. From since two years some of the services are suspended, old and un-updated websites may talk about the services of Pawanhans between Port Blair and Havelock. Entry to Neil Island can be from Port Blair, Havelock, Long Island and Rangat for any other tourists. A number of boats enter and leaves very day is from Neil Island to the various places which you can locate from Neil Island map.

Neil Island Ferry Schedule

3. To any destinations tickets to all Government boats are issued two or more days in advance. So it is advice for the tourists who are coming to Andaman with the limited tight schedule then it is better to connect a local but a recognized tour operator services. But if you are visiting Andaman just to leisure and to have a flexible plan then you can try to buy tickets from DSS but also for a trip to Andaman during season i.e. from October to February you may find it difficult to get the tickets from the counter because of very long and the queue. The best help is to get from the local tour operator who is recognized is during the month December and January. All the good things come with the price tag and these boat tickets issues make Andaman Island fewer tourists friendly.

4. Relaxing, serenading and tranquil for a vacation break is to choose a spot that is located right in the middle of nature. Nature of this place that gives travellers all kinds of comfort that cannot be found anywhere else, it absorbs all your tensions and transports you to the heaven on earth. From Neil, Islands visit the following famous places that will make you fall in love with Neil Island.

5. Bharatpur Beach Neil Island is an island which is a masterpiece of nature, inviting you to visit the nature with your family to spend some quality time together. Covered with the lovely coconut tree in this island and other forms of floral attractions that make this place a truly vibrant to visit. Activities and things to do at this beach are Glass Bottom Boat Rides, Snorkeling, Jet Skiing and Scuba Diving.

Bharatpur Beach Neil Island

6. Sitapur Beach is another gem in the treasure houses of the beach at Neil Island. To take a step into the marvellous charm of this beach that will enamor with its coconut and pine trees. It is beach which is famous for the tranquillity that provides kids to build uninterrupted sand castles that you can enjoy moments with yourself. Activities that follow in this beach are Beachcombing and the view of the sunrise.

7. Laxmanpur beach Neil Island is a beach to enjoy the company of few tourists and travellers who embrace the beach’s activities. Lovely place which is simply sunbathed over the white sand, without a care in the world. The water of this beach is quite shallow; therefore many adventure enthusiasts visit this beach to try snorkelling. Things to do in this beach are sunset/sunrise views and sunbathing.

Laxmanpur beach Neil Island

8. Natural Bridge is the prime attraction in Neil Island; the bridge is a natural formation of rocks and earth which is decorated with creepers and flowers that are visited by many tourists. To enjoy the glorious sight the bridge also called as Howrah Bridge is a pristine location for undertaking photograph. Beach combing and observing the marine life are the prime things to do a Natural Bridge.

9. Accommodation in Neil Island has some of the deluxe and medium budget options. Kalpak Beach Resort is the popular deluxe hotel of the Island. Some of the medium budget accommodation includes Tango Beach Resort, Pearl Park Resort, King Fisher Hotel and Kaala Pani Beach Resort and much more.


10. One of the famous festivals of Neil Island is Subhash Mela which is celebrated in the first month of the year that is in the month of January for a week. The festival marks the birth anniversary of Netaji Subhash Bose. Cultural programs are organized on this occasion.

11. At the onset of winters and lures large this festival is majorly celebrated and is a mega event in Neil Island by the local people for a continuum of ten days. A large number of tourists from all over the world from various countries visit the place to enjoy the festival at winters.

12. The best season to visit the place Neil Island is winter season and at the onset of summers. Favourable months to visit the place are between October and May when the climate remains pleasant during these months offering tourists the best holiday experience.

13. Nearest International Airport from Neil Island is Veer Savarkar International Airport, Port Blair, which is roughly half an hour drive from Neil Island. Well connected places to the major cities from Veer Savarkar International Airport is like Chennai, Delhi, Kolkata, Mumbai and Bhubaneswar via Air India, Jal Hans, Jet Airways, Kingfisher Airlines, Spice Jet and Jet Lite.

14. The luxury high-speed cruiser liner redefining the high speed visit scenic and beautiful Neil and Havelock Island day after day with a 270 seat vessel in Superior and Deluxe classes.

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